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As a second generation family owned business we pride ourselves on honesty, reliability and our personal approach with all clients.

We understand that relying on every insurance policy is a real person and through our relationships dealing with the majority of Australian insurance companies, we can assist you by providing you with the best insurance options, whether it be personal or business, so you can make an informed choice on your policy or policies.

At Safeguard we follow strict codes of conduct as laid down by the National Insurance Brokers Association and we subscribe and support the Insurance Brokers Code of Practice. Safeguard Insurance Brokers is part of Australasia’s largest general insurance broker network. Steadfast’s scale and market leading innovation mean we are in a stronger position to secure the best insurance solutions for you, at a competitive price.


Home Insurance

Home is where your heart is. Your home is usually your most valuable asset and we offer a range of policies cover you.


Business Insurance

Every business is different. At Safeguard we take the time to know and understand your business activities. This enables us to advise on the best insurance policies available to reduce your risk.


Personal Insurance

Your assets have taken you time to accumulate and should be protected with the most suitable cover available, not the best marketing pitch.

Need to make a claim?

We are here to help

When a loss occurs or a claim is made against you by a third party, or you become aware of circumstances which could give rise to a loss of claim, it should be reported to your insurer at the earliest opportunity.

We suggest that you contact us rather than the insurer. We will help you collate the information that the insurer is likely to require and will pass it on to your insurer for you. If your insurer needs you to complete a claim form, we will forward this to you and can help you to complete it.

We can assist with

  • Lodging your claim
  • Helping in the preparation of claim information
  • Experienced in dealing with insurance companies and assessors
  • We ensure you get the maximum entitlement under your policy wording

Risk is a part of our lives. It is present throughout our personal and professional lives. Insurance provides the opportunity to minimise risk and should be part of an individuals financial planning in order to live with peace of mind.

Insurance can provide some certainty and allows you to cover for most eventualities.

Purchasing insurance is more economical than saving to pay for a loss or damage of assets – it provides a safety net when you need it most and can help you avoid financial and emotional stress.


Essentially an insurance broker is on your side. At Safeguard Insurance Brokers we are experienced in insurance much like a tax accountant understands tax or a lawyer who provides professional advice. We are experienced professionals and understand the insurance market. It is this knowledge that enables us to assist you in providing you with the best insurance options so you can make an informed choice on your policy or policies.


Surprisingly to some obtaining insurance via an insurance broker is usually cheaper than ‘going direct’. We have excellent rates with many providers and pass these savings to you.

Peace of Mind

We are pro active and understand insurance- it’s our specialty. We know what questions to ask and understand the options. We can ensure you select the right policy for you and that you pay only for what you need.

We won’t let you down when a claim arises.

We are on your side and understand the correct channels and processes are followed ensuring you receive your full entitlement in a timely manner.

Your policy is a legal contract.

As your broker Safeguard will ensure you understand your cover and responsibilities, after all it is a legal contract and you want to ensure you have entered into the right arrangement.

Insurance Tools

On this website you will find the tools useful in helping you make the right decisions to protect your life’s assets. For those that like information at your fingertips you will find our calculator useful to estimate the replacement cost of your home and contents.

"“Safeguard took the time to review my current insurance and identified areas of risk. I changed my policy and not only was it more comprehensive it didn’t cost me any more. They really understood my needs.” a


‘The most noticeable difference between our former insurer and Safeguard is the genuine attempts to gain a satisfactory result for us rather than readily accepting that we would lose and simply asking us to pay our excess automatically in an attempt to get a speedy resolution, at our cost.’

The Highway Hotel, Adelaide

‘Very helpful and fast response to my claim and settlement of the claim. I posted a replacement quote to Safeguard and got an email next day confirming the claim and my settlement cheque arrived 2 days later!’

Gary, Port Broughton S.A


Insurance Resources and News

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