What to do if you are a Safeguard client affected by the Adelaide bushfire crisis.

Personal safety is paramount in this crisis so please follow all emergency services directions. If you have a property that has been affected by the bushfire you should check with authorities that it is safe to return to your property as there can be many other dangers present apart from actual fire such as falling trees and live power lines on the ground.

Frequently asked questions for Safeguard clients
What do I do?

If you have been affected or have property potentially at risk please contact our office on 08 8371 0566 24 hours a day/7 days a week for your individual direction. Please take photographs of any damaged property or property at risk.

How do I make a claim?

Please contact our office via telephone on 08 8371 0566 and we can guide you through the process utilising the insurance companies dedicated teams.

If you prefer to notify us of your claim online please follow our how to make a claim page and we will contact you.

If you need to speak to one of our staff about an issue that has occurred outside office hours, please contact our office and follow the message on our answering machine.

Can I start to clean up?

After taking photographs you can start to stockpile the damaged items. Please wait for specific instructions from the insurance assessor before disposing of any damaged items.

When will the assessor contact me?

Insurance companies have formed dedicated response teams to deal with this crisis. Assessors are now starting to gain access to some affected areas and will contact you as soon as possible once your claim has been lodged.

Can I purchase items that I require?

Each property is different in relation to the type of insurance policy and the covers that are in place. The type of policy and coverage in place will determine what damaged items are insured. You will need to obtain emergency essential items regardless of whether they are covered or not. Please keep receipts for any emergency essential items which you may need to purchase. We recommend you contact us for clarification of your insurance coverage prior to purchasing any items.

Smoke damage
(if you haven’t had a fire on your property but your home is affected by smoke)

Please contact our office if your home or contents has suffered smoke damage. Please do not throw out smoke damaged items until instructed as many smoke damaged items can be repaired. Insurance policies vary in whether they include or exclude smoke damage so please contact our office for further details.