Caravan safety and maintenance tips

There’s nothing like the freedom of hitting the road with your second (or maybe primary) home hitched to the back of your car. We are lucky enough to have such a vast country to explore, with sensational weather, beautiful country towns, coast line and outback.

But there’s a lot more to caravanning than just hitching it up and driving off into the horizon. There are various safety measures we need to take when it comes to towing a caravan or camper trailer.

These include but are not limited to:

  • The appropriate towing vehicle’s weight, towing capacity and height
  • The correct towbar fitment
  • Weight distribution of the caravan
  • Driving techniques
  • Sufficient care of tyres and suspension
  • Safe operation and storage of gas related appliances/cylinders

CIL Insurance, who are the leaders in RV Insurance have put together a useful safety and maintenance handbook to help guide you in looking after your caravan or camper trailer. It’s a great guide that’s worth a read before you get out on the road.

We encourage you to take a read here.

Oh and don’t forget to check that your insurance is up to date!