When purchasing Comprehensive Motor Insurance, it’s easy to get caught up in trying to obtain the lowest premium possible. You might have decided that you require Windscreen Excess Waiver included in your policy, but that maybe you don’t really need that Hire Car option in the event of a claim.

Unfortunately, it’s usually at the time of lodging a claim that we find customers regret not including Hire Car coverage in their policy.

Whilst some insurers have implemented repair shops with advancements in repair technology with an aim to have a fast turnaround on repairs, there are now other factors that can impact the repair process such as waiting for supply and fitment of parts like sensors or reversing cameras. Some repairs may take a couple of days, whereas others can take weeks.

Events like natural disasters overseas can also impact the supply chain in the parts even getting to Australia, which can have a flow on effect in delaying your repairs further.

Hire Car option doesn’t cost that much to include in your policy when you consider the peace of mind, and the reduced interruption you will experience in the event of a claim. If you had to hire a car yourself, the daily cost would start anywhere from $60 – $80 depending on the type of vehicle you need, and where you’re located. If you had to hire a car for two weeks, this would add up pretty quickly.

To give you a rough idea, we put together a quote based on a 36 yr old Female, Rating 1 Protection, located in Goodwood SA and driving a 2015 Hyundai i30 Active with a $400 excess. Without Hire Car option came to $1103, and including Hire Car came to $1194.

Many insurers provide Hire Cars as part of a policy benefit in the event of a theft; however you may need to add it as an optional benefit to receive one following an accident.

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