Lodging an insurance claim can be complicated, stressful and a time-consuming process to navigate if you’re dealing directly with an insurer to reach a settlement.

Before you claim, you also need to consider the effect it could have on:

  • The premiums you’ll pay in the future
  • Your no-claim bonus
  • The size of your excess

This is an ideal time to pick up the phone and talk to us. We can sort your claim out for you. That means we’ll keep you updated and advocate on your behalf as your reliable point of contact. After all, we work for you, not the insurer, and we’re here for you for the long term. 

How we can act for you

We’re well-equipped to step in for you when it comes time to lodge an insurance claim. Here’s why it may make more sense for us to act as your proxy. We:

  • Know the ins and outs of the fine print of your insurance policies, so we can advise what’s included in your cover and what’s not 
  • Give you the confidence in knowing you’ve got an expert on your side to ensure you’re not over or under insured
  • Tell you exactly what paperwork and other evidence (such as photographs) must be submitted with the claim
  • Know the steps to follow to make a claim
  • Will liaise with the insurer (including on any disagreement) to save you time
  • Make sense of the language of insurers
  • Know the deadlines for making your claim depending on the policy (If you miss the deadline, the insurer may refuse the claim)
  • Can improve the likelihood of faster and better claim payouts
  • Will prompt you if you need to change or update your policy
  • Give you actionable information about how to minimise future losses
  • Free up your time to do what you do best – that is, run your business

Consider leaving claims handling to us. We help in investigating and negotiating with the insurer, assessor, underwriters and third parties. We can help you prepare and present your claim so you receive a quicker response from your insurer, minimising disruption to your business.

We’ll explain how your insurance, coverage and the claims process works, and we pledge to take the headaches out of the process for you.

If you would like us to contact you to discuss an existing or new claim, please fill out or form and we will contact you or call us on (08) 8371 0566.