Why is insurance important and why use a broker?

Why insurance is important?

Risk is a part of our lives. It is present throughout our personal and professional lives. Insurance provides the opportunity to minimise risk and should be part of an individuals financial planning in order to live with peace of mind.

Insurance can provide some certainty and allows you to cover for most eventualities.

Purchasing insurance is more economical than saving to pay for a loss or damage of assets – it provides a safety net when you need it most and can help you avoid financial and emotional stress.


Why use a broker?

Essentially an insurance broker is on your side. At Safeguard Insurance Brokers we are experienced in insurance much like a tax accountant understands tax or a lawyer who provides professional advice. We are experienced professionals and understand the insurance market. It is this knowledge that enables us to assist you in providing you with the best insurance options so you can make an informed choice on your policy or policies.

Cost. Surprisingly to some obtaining insurance via an insurance broker is usually cheaper than ‘going direct’. We have excellent rates with many providers and pass these savings to you.

Peace of mind. We are pro active and understand insurance- it’s our specialty. We know what questions to ask and understand the options. We can ensure you select the right policy for you and that you pay only for what you need.

We won’t let you down when a claim arises. We are on your side and understand the correct channels and processes are followed ensuring you receive your full entitlement in a timely manner.

Your policy is a legal contract. As your broker Safeguard will ensure you understand your cover and responsibilities, after all it is a legal contract and you want to ensure you have entered into the right arrangement.